대구 삼덕동 근린생활시설







DAEGU, Korea


16.3m / 4 floors

Building area

79.1 m²

Gross floor area

218.26 m²

Building to land ratio


Floor area ratio



Reinforced Concrete

Exterior finishing

FCB / Exposed Concrete

Design period

2016.05 – 2016.08

Completion date




Most of old city centers in Korea have actual land uses in discord with registered properties in the cadastral book. However many land owners don’t have knowledge on these conflicts, getting in trouble when they determine to build a new building on such a property. Likewise, the site was partially occupied by the adjacent building. Furthermore, the city plans to expand the frontal road into the property. With the limited ground floor area, the owner offered the challenge to compromise maximized land usage with all conflicting issues around the site. The key was to limit the gross area to have only one parking lot but to maximize the building area in the limited land size. In addition, it is a reward to provide the exterior areas which are not counted as building areas, such as balconies, exterior egress stairs and etc.

Other than resolving practical arithmetic problems, architect’s creativity searches for a design approach to embrace the fanciless solution into iconic fair-faced existence on the street, and in the central district of the city.

The program of building requires to include flexible usage conversion of cafes and rental offices. The owner himself will occupy the building as his own private music salon for his working, social, and cultural activities and exchanges. The exterior stair winding up the building interconnects all the different public and private spaces but defines their characters with materiality of interfaces and distances from the ground.

Each floor has balconies and windows towards magnificent views of the adjacent park. Some of windows can be closed off or opened up to knock off the space or to extend the space. The occupant would have psychological distances from the exterior by his/her control of facades, differently from the physical distances from the street.














연도 Year: 2016

유형 Type: Commercial

위치 Location: Daegu, South Korea




* 본 설계는 건축주와의 공사 예산 협의에 따라 현재 설계가 변경될 예정으로, 특히 외장 재료로 계획한 Fiber Cement Board를 금속재로 변경할 계획이다.



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